The 90-Series premium high specification heavy-duty mobiles meet the needs of public safety, public service, government, rail, transportation, utility and private industry sectors are available in dash mount, single head, dual head, dual band and dual head/dual band remote mount configurations. The dual head units are the perfect answer for fire, EMS, supervisor /command post vehicles requiring two full radio control points. The dual band and dual head/dual band allow seamless selection of channels on two different bands. All configurations offer a choice of 8 or 14-character high resolution backlit dot matrix LCD. The controls and customizable PF keys provide an intuitive user interface simplifying operation for all user types. The extra large capacity and dynamic channel group programming facilitate departmental, inter-agency interoperability, mutual aid and tactical channel organization. Encryption /ANI control permits basic to high level voice security and dispatch functions satisfying homeland security and confidentiality requirements. The DB-25 and 15-pin accessory connectors permit interface with data modems, headset/intercom systems, police motorcycle headset/PTT systems for vehicular installations or remote control termination panels for base/control station fixed installations.
45W & 110W (136-156, 148-174 MHz)
40W (403-430, 450-490, 480-512 MHz)
110W – 75W (450-480 MHz)
110W (29.5 – 37.0, 35.0 – 43.0, 39.0-50.0 MHz)
160 Channels / Conventional
Dual Priority Scan
Single / Multi Group Scan
Operator Selectable Tone
Two-Tone Decode
DTMF Encode / Decode / Stun
Emergency Call Features
Companded Audio
Public Address
MIL-STD 810 c/D/E/F
Mil-Spec Noise-Cancel Mic (included)
Mil-Spec 12-Key DTMF Mic Option
FleetSync Encode