Services Offered

Otec Communication Systems provides a broad array of communication services for our customers in Northern Michigan. We’re proud to offer in shop service and on the site installation utilizing our trained and knowledgeable technicians.

Two-Way Radio Sales & Service

At Otec Communication Systems we proudly offer quality and efficient two-way radio installation along with any necessary repairs after the install. We’re an authorized dealer of Kenwood, ICOM, and Hytera two-way radio systems.

Radio Tower Work

We’re a full-service shop when it comes to your radio equipment needs! Our owner, Phil is trained in radio tower installation, service and maintenance. We’re equipped to install and service equipment mounted on radio towers and within nearby communication buildings. We also offer installation and maintenance of base station equipment.

In-Vehicle Camera and Driver Monitoring Devices (with Fleet GPS Tracking)

Vehicle Upfitting

Full installation of warning lights, sirens, and radio consoles for public safety vehicles such as fire, police, EMS.

Public Safety Radio Systems

Since 9/11 the National Fire Protection Association requires a minimum radio strength in all public buildings for public safety radio services. At Otec Communication Systems, we’ll provide your next build project a pre-site survey and report, ensure you meet all permitting and compliance with NFPA and IFC and install any necessary bi-directional amplifier needed for a strong radio signal.

Great Lakes Boat Inspection of Maritime Radios

With the Great Lakes surrounding us in Northern Michigan, Otec is proficient and equipped to conduct annual FCC radio inspections on water vessels for Coast Guard certification.

Northern Michigan Repeater Rentals

Otec can host your VHF and UHF as well as Analog and Digital radio communications at one of our premier tower locations in Antrim, Charlevoix and Emmett Counties. Company owned.