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Otec Communication Systems offers multiple two-way radio solutions including broad radio coverage at various premier tower locations across Northern Michigan. From basic Very High Frequency (VHF) community repeaters to our Ultra High Frequency (UHF) DMR Link, we have a solution customized to meet you wireless communication needs.

Premier Radio Tower Services in Northern Michigan

Otec Communication Systems offers a variety of digital airtime packages offering your team the accurate and dependable communications from one or more of Otec’s premier radio towers in the region. Choose from community repeaters, LTR repeaters, and Logic Trunk Repeaters (LTR).


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Community Repeaters

Do you have exist two-way radios you would like to easily migrate to a local community repeater systems? No problem! Avoid the upfront costs of building your own repeater system by switching to a stable and reliable existing system at one of Otec Communication System’s premier tower locations in Northern Michigan.

At Otec, we promise to offer the lowest cost entry of any repeater system in the area!

Our community repeaters offer Advanced Vehicle Location with GPS mapping which can be monitored and tracked right from you desktop computer or smartphone.


Community Repeater Map




LTR Coverage Map


Digital Mobile Radio Link

Many of our customers in the delivery services, snow removal, landscaping and road construction industries find the Kenwood or Hytera Digital Mobile Radio Link for two-way radio is the the solution they were looking for to meet their fleet communication needs.

DMR Link offers clear digital audio and site roaming so that the radio automatically selects the tower with the strongest signal. Our DMR Link is set up in Northern Michigan and allows for dispatch communicate by voice or text message, and to remotely monitor vehicle location and speed.

DMR Link Radios are legal  for commercial motor vehicle Carriers. Click here to see information from DOT on texting and driving.

Prices as low as $12.50 /monthly per radio includes unlimited airtime and vehicle tracking.
Fully Legal Push to talk Operation.
Drivers know they are being monitored and behave accordingly.

Maintained locally by Otec Communications Systems.


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