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UPDATE: Vienna Tower moving to Vienna
MIO –>       Mio
Vienna–> Vienna
Otec offers several different airtime packages to best suit your organizations needs. Choose from Community repeaters, LTR repeaters, and LTR Linked Repeaters.

Community Repeaters

Offer the lowest cost of entry of any repeated system.

Advanced Vehicle Location available GPS mapping from a desktop computer.

Generally operate on one or two towers that sit in the center of your geographic operational area. Driver/operator must select appropriate channel if using multiple tower locations, and dispatch must scan both channels.

Community Repeater Map


LTR Conventional

LTR conventional airtime repeaters remove busy channels and add features to dispatch.

LTR uses multiple channels to assign voice traffic to eliminating busy channels or hearing other companies on your channel.

LTR conventional has Advanced Vehicle Location AVL for GPS mapping from a desktop Computer.

Multiple Tower site systems require driver/operator to change channel manually, while office can stay on their primary channel.

Computer Dispatching and text messaging is available as well as “canned” messages from driver back to dispatch.

LTR Link

LTR Link is the premier multi site two way radio airtime service in northern Michigan. LTR link now has enhanced features not found in other fleet dispatching systems including GPS tracking which allows you to track your assets location on mapping software from any computer hooked to the internet. Also available is computer dispatch, allowing your dispatchers to be connected to our radio network via any computer connected to the internet, work from home or anywhere in the world and soon even from your cellular smartphone. Text messaging and status messaging allow dispatchers to send one way text messages to drivers with important information such as address or billing information and drivers can send back selected “canned” messages acknowledging dispatch that they are at their stop or in need of further assistance. Otec LTR Link is a multi-site radio system serving only Northern Michigan. Advanced radio design allows for automatic channel steering as a unit roams between tower locations, selecting the appropriate channel automatically greatly improving ease of use for the operator. LTR link has a simple low price with no hidden costs. Radios are tools not toys and are legal  for commercial motor vehicle Carriers. Click here to see information from DOT on texting and driving.

Prices as low as $12.50 per unit includes unlimited airtime and vehicle tracking.
Fully Legal Push to talk Operation.
Drivers know they are being monitored and behave accordingly.

Maintained locally by Otec Communications.

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LTR Coverage Map


NXDN Conventional

The next generation in communications is here with NXDN. Two sites are linked up and provide features such as AVL, text messaging, and voice encryption.

Downloadable PDF map of mobile NXDN coverage.

NXDN Mobile NM