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Ensuring public safety through a bi-directional amplifier

Are you in the construction industry? For the public safety, the National Fire Protection Association and the International Fire Code have adopted IFC 510 and NFPA 72 code to ensure two-way radio signal for first responders can be reached in all areas of a building in the event of an emergency.

Unfortunately, many public buildings have gaps in their wireless communications, especially in hard to reach areas such as basements, parking garages, stairwells and elevators. These spaces often impede two-way radio signal, causing risk to both lives and the rescue operation.

NFPA 72 and IFC 510 require a minimum radio strength in all buildings for public safety radio services. Otec Communication Systems’ comprehensive site survey report will revea whether the building’s signal capacity meets the regulatory code requirements during a fire inspection. If needed, Otec is equipped to install a Bi-Directional Amplifier to ensure minimum radio signal requirements are met.

What We Offer

Pre-Site Survey and Report

-We offer a comprehensive pre-site survey and report verifying a minimum radio signal is met for public safety compliance during a fire inspection.

Permitting & Compliance

-Ensure permitting and regulatory compliance with codes IFC 510 and NFPA 72

Sale and Installation of Bi-Directional Amplifier

-During the site survey, if the building does not pass IFC 510 and NFPA 72 codes for a minimum radio signal we will install a Bi-Directional Amplifier to ensure a radio signal is received on all floors and areas of the building.

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Otec’s newest team member! Welcome Shannon!

Meet Shannon, Otec Communication Systems’ newest team member! Shannon is excited to come alongside her husband Phil and learn all things radio! She comes with over 15 years experience in non-profit management – serving in both the environmental and social services industries. Her fundraising and administration background translate well into her new role as Office Administrator; taking on bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, sales and more!

Shannon looks forward to getting to know Otec’s broad customer base and helping solve your communications needs!

Shannon enjoys all things outdoors and adventure! She has traveled throughout the United States as well as Europe and Central America. She spent her twenties and early thirties living in beautiful Lake Tahoe where her environmental passion for preserving our natural resources was first sparked! She and Phil met in the height of the Covid pandemic and got married on the Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City in May of 2021. As a newer resident of Northern Michigan, she is quickly finding her place and connecting with this beautiful place she now calls home!