Telemetry With SCADA

Our telemetry product features two-way radio business band data channels with state of the art VTScada software monitoring.  Placing your telemetry on a two-way based data transfer allows for use of licensed radio channels free from interference and capable of operating at higher powers and longer distances than non-licensed spectrum. Also by using licensed spectrum you have no monthly airtime fees allowing for more money to stay in your annual operating budget.

Zetron PLC are a robust and time proven standard for wireless telemetry communication. They transmit data wirelessly instead of over wires via any mobile radio and work well with the low cost Maxon SD-170 data radio.

PLC with analog and digital inputs and outputs


RTU with analog and digital inputs and outputs.


Data Radio


VTScada is an industry leading SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software system that runs on a dedicated windows computer. It is truly full featured with multiple user logins and I.D. to prevent unauthorized tampering. Historical graph data viewer. History reports. Slippy map view. and has the ability to be linked to multiple work stations and send call out alarms via e-mail, text, or voice messages to alert of situations requiring the operators attention.

More Information at Datasheet VTScada.